Modular Storage HS/01-18

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The Construction shall be rigid knock down made out of 0.8 thick CRCA steel conforming to IS:513. Finish shall be

Epoxy polyester powder coated thickness of 40 microns. Shelf construction shall be made from CRCA steel 0.8 mm thick IS:513. Uniformly distributed load capacity of 80 Kg . Undercarriage shall have construction in welded frame made of HR sheet 3.15 mm thick conforming to IS:10748. Finish shall be epoxy polyester powder coat of approved color& shade with a dry film thickness of minimum 40 microns. Movement of units achieved by pushing or pulling chrome plated 'C' Handle fitted onto 1.6 mm thick plate (mounted on each double & single movable units) & rigidly fixed at suitable height on body side. Each movable undercarriage has 4 nos. of antifriction ball bearings for rolling onto channels & 4 no. of antifriction ball bearings for guiding between channels & 'J' section. Fittings shall be centralized locking arrangement through locking stiffener mounted onto back of single last unit so that it gets locked on channels when all the units are brought together. The Recess handle lock is of Godrej make & placed at suitable height. This arrangement occupies a space of 90.0 mm. When the last unit is twin movable , hinged doors are provided for the end bodies, so in this case locking stiffener is mounted onto drive unit cover ; and with tile fascia option , it will be mounted in the recess of vertical trim. Each Drive Type units shall have Locking Knob near the drive wheel for manual locking of individual units when a person is using those units . Knob shall be rotated to unlock position when units are to be moved. End stoppers shall be provided to prevent derailment . Door locking shall be having hinged doors of recessed die cast handle cum lock giving 3 way locking through a lever & shooting bolts. Guide channels shall have 'J' section 2 mm thick HR & 25 mm Square bright bar. Fasteners shall be galvanized/blackodized/Zn plated. The label holder shall be made from 2 mm thick clear transparent acrylic sheet. Also total no. of loading levels per understructure shall be 5 for SS1 & SL1 and 10 for TM1. The guide channels shall consist of 'J' section 2 mm thick & 25 mm square bright bar - both connected by screws . Prior to the embedding of the guide channels with the help of raul plug &screw , the ground has to be in proper leveled condition . Overall Dimensions (for 18 Body): SS1 - Single Static 1 Bay Push Pull Type (U/C + Fittings) shall be 915mm (W) x 381mm (D) x 1980mm (H). (2 Nos.) SL1 - Single Last 1 Bay Push Pull Type (U/C + Fittings + Handle) shall be 915mm (W) x 381mm (D) x 1980mm (H). (2 Nos.) TM1 - Twin Mobile 1 Bay Push Pull Type(U/C + Fittings + Handle) shall be 915mm (W) x 762mm (D) x1980mm (H). (7 Nos.) Manufacturer should be a certified member of BIFMA (, AIOTA and should have managment systems as per ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 50001:2011 with NABCB accridation and certification procedures for Design, Development, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales, Supply and Servicing of Home & Institutional, Interiors, Furniture, Accessories & Related Products and Provide Solutions for Home & Work Space and should have Green Guard Certification for few of its products.The manufacturer should have the service set up within 150 kms range of Kharagpur for better serviceability for last 1 year

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